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Breaking Down the Barrier
Between Strength and Selection

As an architect, you can't choose just any fence. You need one that offers the style selections your clients expect, but that meet the stringent requirements municipalities place on commercial and industrial projects. With Fortress Fence Products, you get it all—the strength, precision, and durability you need with the style you want. Whether your needs are for residential, commercial, or industrial fence, Fortress has the right product to meet your project requirements while providing beauty, strength, and durability.

Fortress Fence products feature quality manufacturing and are coated with FortressShield, an attractive and durable exterior powder coat finish that delivers a virtually maintenance-free fence, saving on long-term costs throughout the warranty of the fence. And because Fortress Fence offers cost-effective products, both you and the owner have the ability to work with a stylish range of options while staying on budget for the project.